About us

About our company

Elixr Solutions was founded in 2018, it was Founded by Kye And Clayton after prior development of an application known as "Eco Launch". We have since then upgraded our tech and our passion to bring forth much more exciting Software and developments.

Our standards here are very high as our clients and their customers are our top priority! We don't want you to feel as though you are second rate as you are not! Your views, wants and feedback are very important to us and we take our work very seriously!

Our Team also love to play video games, we don't mind as this helps keep our team members in a good mind set. So if you see us playing games feel free to say hello!

Here at Elixr Solutions our aim is to bring you the best Tech, Servers and software in relation to video games! We started with GSMS (Game Server Management Studio) for managing any game server with absolute ease! Our goal is to supply our consumers with high quality applications designed to simplify game servers, website hosting and game server hosting! Our passion drives us to supply top quality products to our consumers and to give them the best experience we can offer!

In Recent developments we have expanded to Web Development, Database Management and Database Development.

Our Team Members have many years of experience in their respective fields and are very good at their jobs. All New members we employ are trained to our standard regardless of their years of experience. We aim to bring our best foot forward in any kind of development as well as teaching our less experienced staff. We always have a senior member overlooking all tasks to ensure everything is done to our standards.

You Can Find our team members below and the roles they play!


  • Kye


    Founder Of Elixr And Project Manager

    Likes: Video Games, Chatting, Learning new things

  • Clay

    Head Engineer

    Co-Founder Of Elixr And Head Of Development

    Likes: Video Games, Building Games, Making Mods, Exploring new places

  • Eve

    Administration and Finances

    Administration For Elixr And general Enquiries

    Likes: Netflix, Adventures, Snow, Art