Service License

This License Can only be purchased by speaking with our team via Email or Phone.

Should you choose to use another web management/web development service and keep the websites we have built for you our branding still must remain at the bottom unless the license has been purchased by either you or the new company associated in the web development.

The once off license purchase gives you 100% ownership over the website and our branding is not required and can be removed. The content belongs to the respected party(you or other entities that have granted you permission to use their content) so should you choose to move away from our website / services we can not prevent you from using your content elsewhere.

The Sale of this license is subject to our Paid License Terms found Here: Paid License Terms Which Was agreed upon when you chose to use our services in under our Terms Á Conditions.

The Cost Of this license is $500 and is to be paid for upon full confirmation of all the details before the licesne is issued. We reccomend you keep a copy of this license for your own personal refrencing.

Should you decide to sell your Company and associated assets including websites we have developed for you, we humbly request you ask the new buyer to keep our services so we can better assist in the web management / web development of these websites. This is not required as it is the buyers discretion as to the services they choose to use.

There are no fees from us for selling websites that we have developed for you, however we require you to inform the new buyer that our branding is to stay at the bottom of the website unless a once off Full license is purchased from us.

If you purchase this license, if we still have access, at your request we will remove this branding.