Website Development

Here at elixr we tell you how it is, we dont promise our products are the best, or even tell you they are done right. What we tell you is that we can do it, and we will do it.

Every Web Developer makes mistakes, but we promise to fix any mistakes we make, cause or find. You can count on us to keep you in the loop of everything that is going on during the development process. Most of all, with us here at Elixr Solutions, You wont get any bull.

Have a look below, these are some of the web development types we can do and look after!

Our team is selected by their abilities to learn from mistakes, Constantly improve their skills, and dedication to their work, Each memeber of our team has proven themselves in their skills and passion for their work so we can bring our best foot forward 100% of the time!

even though we may employ people that dont have as much experience as our senior team, we promise that our seniour staff is helping the newer staff learn and build upon their skills so we can offer people a place to grow and work on their skills while bringing you the best content we possibly can!

Custom Coded

Here at Elixr Solutions we can custom build you a website and tailor it to your specifications while keeping it modernized and easy to use for this day an age

We can code websites in PHP, ASP.NET and Basic HTML.

All of our sites coded by us are to SEO standards to improve your findability using Search engines such as google, Bing, Yahoo and more!

We can style your sites using Custom Coded CSS in the latest CSS3 codeline.

If you already have a Custom theme built for you we can alter the theme and even import the theme into your requested website.

We strive to build and develop websites that suit you and your buisness and your needs!

CMS Based Websites

We can build you websites using what is called a CMS (Content Management System).

The Most known CMS systems are those such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and other Website Building platforms.

There are other types of CMS providers Like Wix and Weebly that use a drag and drop Custom CMS, and they host the site and is very easy to use.

Although building a website with Wix and Weebly can be easy, we can still build you a beautiful website and function as you request without you having to do anything. We can also manage all SEO settings for you so your site is ready to be found by google and other Search engines just like wix and others can.

Looking for a Quote? Send us an Email today or even use the request a Quote form!

We even offer hosting for our clients websites that we build.

We do not currently offer hosting for existing websites.